What is Local SEO? Know its Impact on Small Businesses

by | Jan 13, 2021 | SEO

What is Local SEO? Know its Impact on Small Businesses

When implemented by small businesses, local SEO acts as a prime technique, attracts profits, and converts dreams into conquered goals. Local SEO, when done in the right way, gains small businesses’ success.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO optimizes a business’s online presence, which attracts local searches and gets more sales. The search is done over search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. You must now always get people from your apartment or a neighboring house.

To keep your business up, you must find the geographical location and optimize for that particular surrounding. This is a Local SEO – an effective online marketing technique.

Local SEO proves helpful for small businesses. Local SEO optimizes their website, gets their local customers to the landing pages, and even finds their exact service location.

Suppose you own a local business and your target audience searches a relevant work. In that case, you’d want to show up in the search engine results. You need to hire a Local SEO Agency that is experienced and get the most benefits out of your business.

The Power of Local SEO

It is surprising how powerful the Local SEO is. Consumers daily engage with local search results without realizing it, and we interact with local businesses somehow.

It is dynamic how local SERPs can lead to the growth of small businesses and get success. The power of local SEO can be unlocked when you hire a local SEO company. That is effective enough to optimize your business website and get you in the SERPs.

The Power of Local SEO is unlocked if the below panels are optimized to their maximum potential; they are:

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool provided online that has features helping the management, information input, and photos and videos. The business can also create their content and share with others, customer interaction, and monitoring people’s tracking. These all features are allowed with a single click.

Google My Business listing results in significant limelight for people who have their business offline and want a virtual setup. The more information and relevancy input you provide, the more your chances of showing up on SERPs increase.

As for SERPs, Google determines in the following ways:


The local listing accuracy is calculated with the search of a consumer. The more information is entered, and relevant tags are used in Business Profile, your business’s more appearance is likely on the local search.


The location specification plays an essential role in local SEO, as it attracts potential customers from within your area. If you fail in providing a location, Google will calculate on its own with all the information rendered from your profile.


It measures the popularity of your business. Local SERPs may result in more branded searches as they’re well known. Still, Google makes its best attempt to show local small businesses and increases your brand familiarity.

Also, rating and Google reviews are considered for prominence and are more likely to positively affect your local SERPs.

Enrolling in Local Directories

Your Business must have a presence online to increase its visibility and familiarity. It also must be enrolled on varied platforms and directories to drive traffic towards your website. By submitting listings for your business, you increase the chances to get your business on local SERPs.

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4 Top Directories for your Business:

  • Google My Business
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Apple Maps

4 Key Points for Local Listing Qualification:

  • Business Name, the title must be compulsorily filled.
  • Physical Address input is mandatory.
  • Must have a phone number at the same city location.
  • One-on-one interaction with customers.

Impact of Local SEO for Small Businesses

You own a small business and wish to generate benefit from it? Local SEO has diverse ways to help you get success; they are:

Increase Online Visibility

Local SEO Services for Small Business makes your website more accessible to your customers and promote your products or services to attract local customers. The right SEO technique gets you the gateway to grasp the audience and lead to sales and conversions.

Though local SEO may include non-local businesses, this can be eliminated by making your business website more local SEO friendly.

Onboarding of Potential Customers

Local SEO provides information that customers want to look through and creates a bubble for potential customers. The original business idea is displayed in the local SEO, which helps you gain interested customers and get your business quick conversions.

Drive More Traffic

When you implement local SEO for a Website, irrespective of you being a service provider or not, the local SEO works efficiently.

These can improve your site rankings in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), thus drive more traffic. Such traffic has both leads and conversion of potential customers, which helps you with sales generation.

Increases Trust & Loyalty

With potential customers and more relevancy in your business, local SEO helps more consumers get on board with Google reviews and testimonials. These can impact your business with the trust of leads and help in conversions. Such practices and the after services provided by you ensure customer loyalty and have a long healthy relationship.

How to Improve your Local Search Rankings?

Local SEO is an essential factor for small businesses to operate on their local geographical level and rank well in the regional searches. Optimizing your Local SEO gains more traffic, leads, and conversion rates as the effective local SEO strategy applied is for your local customers.

Local SEO rankings prove beneficial for the specific areas and effectively help businesses compete against the brands. Local SEO generally focuses on relevant keywords and does a routine optimization along with the same. It promotes brand recognition leading to traffic and enhancing value propositions.

12 Ways that can Improve your Local Search Rankings:

  • Create a Google My Business Account.
  • Make efforts to get Google reviews from valued customers.
  • Voice Search Optimization must be carried out.
  • Add/Update Title Tags & Meta Description.
  • Build a Local SEO landing page.
  • Create local content and increase engagement.
  • Make your Website Mobile-Friendly.
  • Inclusion of local keywords for popular search.
  • Use the location specified about us page.
  • Grab the advantage of Local Business Directories.
  • Focus on high-quality, relevant backlinks.
  • Each product must have its page on the Website.

How much does local SEO cost in 2021?

Local SEO Services may cost you between $200 – $1500 per month from a professional SEO company. The value proposition must lead to your return on investment (ROI) and some factors which may be counted as risks but are for the local SERPs.

Being a small business, all you have to be concerned with is that you must benefit from ROI and get value from the local SEO services you have taken. Or it may be troublesome for a small business, and bad local SEO just counts as lost money.

Always go for some reputed SEO companies, as cheap money can wreck your business.

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