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Result-Oriented SEO Packages for Small Businesses

If you’re looking for professional, affordable, and result-oriented SEO packages for your small business website then look no further than our Small Business SEO Packages! Our Affordable Small Business SEO Packages include everything that is needed for your website to rank higher in Google and other search engines.

Our Small Business SEO Services provide your business with a proven SEO strategy to improve your search engine visibility and generate organic traffic. With our professional SEO services for small businesses, we can help you rank your website at top of Google and other Search Engines in no time! All while keeping it affordable and within your budget.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. We’ve got affordable SEO plans that are right for you. We have one of the best small business SEO plans and prices to pick from, which cater exclusively to your business needs.

Our SEO experts coordinate with you to understand your requirements and pursue your search engine marketing goals. Typically, our low-cost SEO packages start at $199 per month. Select the plan as per your requirement.

When you partner with us, you get

  • Dedicated SEO expert for your Small Business
  • Low-cost SEO plans for long-lasting results
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Affordable SEO Packages for Small Business

We have three affordable SEO plans for small businesses: Starter, Advanced, and Premium. Our low-cost SEO services for small businesses start at just $199 per month worldwide. And, for Small Businesses in India, RK Web Solutions’ Monthly SEO packages price starts from Rs. 15,000 + GST.


₹15,000 per month

$199 per month
Affordable SEO Package for Small Business, Local Business, or Start-ups

Up to 10 Keywords


Up to 7 Pages Optimization


Website Audit + On-Page SEO + Local Citation


Monthly SEO Reports


Duration: 6 Months


₹30,000 per month
$375 per month
Best SEO Package for Small Business with low to medium competition

Up to 20 Keywords


Up to 15 Pages Optimization


All in Starter SEO Package + Technical SEO


Fortnightly SEO Reports


Duration: 6 Months


₹50,000 per month

$625 per month
Perfectly crafted SEO Package for Small Business with highly competitive keywords

Up to 50 Keywords


Up to 30 Pages Optimization


All in Advanced SEO Package + Content Strategy


Weekly SEO Reports


Duration: 1 Year

All the above-mentioned Affordable SEO Packages for Small Businesses are crafted after in-depth research and based on our clients’ requirements.

Our result-oriented SEO package plans and pricing are structured to boost your website ranking, organic traffic, and business sales. To know more about it, check our detailed Small Business SEO package plans and pricing.

Our yearly SEO Packages for Small Businesses are available at huge discounts. Get up to 20% discount on our yearly plans.

Feel free to write to us for any queries and custom plans, please fill out our contact form or talk to an SEO expert at +91-9372-439-660.

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Budget-friendly SEO Plans for Small Businesses

We offer three different affordable SEO packages for small businesses: Starter, Advanced, and Premium. All of our packages are result-driven and will help you achieve your search engine marketing goals. Our low-cost SEO plan starts at just $199 monthly.

RK Web Solutions Small Business SEO Service Monthly Plans
KEYWORDS Up to 10 Up to 20 Up to 50
Keyword Research
Competition Analysis 2 3 5
Initial Ranking Analysis
Long-tail Keywords Research up to 5 up to 10 up to 25
Recommended Keywords Research up to 5 up to 10 up to 25
Website Analysis
Duplicate Content Analysis
On-page Analysis
Canonicalization Analysis
Backlink Analysis
Google Penalty Check
Mobile Site Analysis
Responsiveness Check
W3C Validation Check
Broken Links Analysis
Social Channels Analysis
Google Webmaster Tools
Google Analytics Analysis
Title & Meta Description Analysis
Duplicate Content Analysis
URL Optimization
CTR Optimization
Breadcrumb Optimization
Heading Tag (H1 – H6) Optimization
Content Creation & Optimization
Text Readability Improvement
Image Title & Alt Tag Optimization
Anchor Text Optimization
Internal Link Optimization
Rich Snippets Optimization
Schema Markup (Structured Data)
Tools Integration
Google Analytics Setup
Goals Setup
Funnels Setup
Conversion Tracking
Google Webmaster Tools Setup
Bing Webmaster Tools Setup
URL Redirection
XML Sitemap Optimization
Robots.txt File Optimization
Website Architecture Optimization
Layout Optimization
HTML/CSS Issues Report
Loading Time Optimization Report
Page Speed Optimization
Custom 404 Error Page
Local Citation
Google My Business
Bing Places Listing
Social Profiles Creation
LinkedIn Company Page
Keyword Ranking
Google Analytics Traffic Report
Audiences Overview Report
Monthly Progress Report
Customer Support
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +91-9372439660
Skype/Whatsup Support
Project Manager
Monthly Small Business SEO Pricing (in USD) $199 $375 $625
Monthly Small Business SEO Pricing (in INR) ₹15,000 ₹30,000 ₹50,000

Our Starter and Advanced SEO Packages are best suited for Small Businesses and Startups with low to medium competition Keywords. In contrast, our Premium Package is custom-crafted for Professionals or businesses with highly-competitive Keywords and targets users globally.

Every organization has its respective requirements, which is why our expertise is tailored to your specific needs.

Our professional SEO manager keeps you up to date on the progress of your project. They share all actionable solutions for achieving greater results and overall performance.

Whether you need an answer to a query or want to share some suggestions, the SEO expert is available to assist you.

What does our Small Business SEO Packages include?

Our experts focus on six core elements of Small Business SEO to take your business to the next level.

Website Audit:
Before starting work on any projects, it’s our priority task to know what all issues your website has. According to that, we create a proven SEO strategy to get a better SEO performance for your business.
Keyword Research
The most crucial part of SEO is Keyword Research. It works as a roadmap that tells us where your customers want to go and what kind of words and phrases they use to reach a similar niche.
Expert Content
Google loves to promote websites with better content quality. People deserve to know what your business offers and why they should opt for it. That’s why having well-written and engaging content is essential to rank higher on SERP.
On-Page Optimization
Optimizing each page for the targeted keywords is a crucial step to appear on the first page of Google. Adding keywords in content, meta tags, h1 heading, etc., is essential because it helps your website get found by customers online.
Better User Experience
Having well-optimized content, a fast-loading site, a clean interface, and easy-to-navigate web pages serve a better user experience. You will get more clicks, leads, better brand recall, and higher conversion rates.
With us, you will get transparent reporting to analyze your growth quickly. You will receive weekly, fortnightly, or monthly reports on the SEO progress based on the selected plan.
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Our Specialized SEO Services for Small Business

Small Business SEO

We help you stay connected with your customers for your small business. Keep your Website at the top of search results, and get the desired attention. We ensure the cost of SEO for small business is low and within your budget.

Local Business SEO

Need local customers nearby? We can help with our Local SEO Services for Small Business. Get on top of local search results for local queries and grow your local business with our best-in-class Local SEO Services for Small Businesses.

SEO Services for Startups

As a Startup or a Small Business, you might be worried about the SEO marketing budget. Don’t worry much. We offer affordable SEO services for Startups, Small Business, Medium and Large businesses in India and across the World.

Why choose us as your
Small Business SEO Agency?

We offer not only affordable SEO packages but also result-oriented SEO Services that are powerful and efficient. We will get your business more visibility through organic search and help you to outrank your organic competitors.

RK Web Solutions is recognized as a leading Small Business SEO Agency. We are experts in Small Business SEO and have helped many businesses flourish.

Our professional SEO team is dedicated to providing the best service possible. We deliver a solid SEO strategy for your business to gain more visibility.

You deserve better than average results for your marketing efforts, don’t you? Our expertise and experience can help make that happen for you. Get the best ROI on your investment by hiring us today!

Every business is different, so we have different customized SEO packages planned for all companies. Contact us for a free quote, and we will assist you with which package is the right fit per your marketing requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do Small businesses need SEO Services?
SEO Services for Small Business helps small businesses to improve their Website rankings in Search Engines. It helps Websites gain top positions, which can bring more potential customers to the company, and eventually, it leads to an increase in business revenue.
How much does SEO cost for a small business?

The cost depends on the plan type you select and your business requirements. The more the competition, the more you expect to pay.

Our Small Business SEO Package starts at $199 per month. We offer discounts of up to 20% on an annual payment.

To get an idea of how much SEO costs monthly, here are our SEO charges if paid monthly:

Type of Plan Monthly Cost Keywords
Starter $199 10
Advanced $375 20
Premium $625 50

We offer cheap SEO packages than the other top SEO companies for small businesses. SEO costs for small businesses vary on certain factors like keywords, competition, and goals.

In the USA, the average cost of SEO for small businesses is around $500 per month. But, we try to keep it the cheapest for you and reasonable.

Our most affordable SEO package, ‘Starter,’ starts at just $199 per month. We keep our custom SEO packages for all our customers in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, or anywhere around the world.

Why choose us as your SEO Agency?

We have more than 10 years of experience in SEO and Digital Marketing. We will work to improve your brand’s visibility, drive more traffic to your website, increase conversion rates, and enhance your organic traffic. We understand that hiring an SEO consultant can be a significant investment, but you will never regret it by choosing us.

How will I get updates on the SEO project?

On our Starter Plan, we will provide you monthly reports which include the Keywords Ranking, Website Traffic, and other Key Insights.

For our Advanced Plan, we will provide you fortnightly updates on the status of Keyword positions in Search Engines, activities updates, and other valuable insights.

If you opt for our Premium Plan, you get weekly updates on Keywords Ranking, activities updates, and weekly action plans.

How long does it take to rank in Google?

In general, it can take up to 6 months to get the desired results.

Whereas, we usually do it quickly and get you the desired results within a short span of time.

We are able to even get the 1st-page rankings in the Top 5 within just 3 months for many of our clients.