Affordable SEO Packages in India

Looking for affordable SEO packages in India? Get the best low-cost monthly SEO plans to rank higher on Google and other Search Engines. Our SEO services plan starts at just $199 per month.


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Affordable SEO Packages in India to Grow your Business

Is your business not getting enough traffic, leads, or sales? We can help you get more business with our SEO services.

Our team of SEO experts assures you the best SEO services that will help to scale-up your business.

Our SEO experts co-ordinate with you to understand your needs and reach your online marketing goals.

Our cost-effective and cheap SEO packages are the best fit for startups, small business, local business, and global businesses.

We understand that each business has unique requirements, thus, we have tailored our SEO packages so that those can fit your needs.

Or, on a request, we can give you a custom quote based on your requirement.


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Affordable SEO Packages in India for all Businesses Worldwide

We have three different affordable SEO packages and budget-friendly plans for all sizes of businesses in India and throughout the world. Starter for small businesses, Advanced for mid-size businesses, and Premium for large businesses. Our search engine optimization services cost is affordable and meets the budget for all sizes of businesses.


₹15,000 per month

$199 per month
Best for Local or Small Businesses at a low cost

Up to 10 Keywords


Long-tail Local Keywords


Website Audit + On-Page SEO + Local Citation


Monthly SEO Reports


Duration: 6 Months


₹30,000 per month

$399 per month
Preferred SEO Plan for Medium-size Businesses

Up to 30 Keywords


High, medium, and low competitive keywords


Website Audit + On-Page SEO + Technical SEO


Fortnightly SEO Reports


Duration: 6 Months


₹80,000 per month

$999 per month
Perfect for Large Businesses or Ecommerce

Up to 75 Keywords


Highly to low competitive Keywords


Website Audit + On-Page SEO + Technical + Content Curation


Weekly SEO Reports


Duration: 1 Year

All our budget-friendly SEO packages are crafted after in-depth research and based on our client’s requirements. To know more about it in detail, check our affordable search engine optimization packages’ detailed pricing plans.

Starter SEO package is best suited for small businesses, start-ups, and local businesses like pest control companies, cleaning companies, hotels, gyms, lawyers, dentists, and clinics, with low to medium competition and serving local or regional areas.

Advanced SEO package is preferred for mid-size businesses like industrial or manufacturing companies, law firms, healthcare, automotive, and B2B businesses with medium competitive keywords and serving at a national level.

Whereas, our Premium SEO package is custom-crafted for large businesses with highly-searched Keywords like finance or insurance company, e-commerce, corporates, and enterprises targeting audiences globally.

Our result-oriented SEO plans are structured to boost your website’s organic traffic, improve your business sales, and grow your revenue. Whether you have a small business or a large organization, we have 360° marketing solutions for your business growth.

Our Specialized SEO Services

Small Business SEO

We offer budget-friendly SEO Services for Small Businesses in India and all over the World. Our Small Business SEO Services has helped many small businesses flourish and nurture over the years.

Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services can help your business rank higher and reach customers nearby. It can help your business to stay on top of local search rankings because precisely focuses on a particular state, city, or locality.

B2B SEO Services

Want to generate more sales and revenue for your B2B business? Our proven B2B SEO strategy can help your business to get more leads, sales, and revenue to your business acquiring new customers.

Affordable SEO Packages Monthly Pricing Plans

We have three different affordable SEO services packages: Starter, Advanced, and Premium. Our Starter and Advanced SEO Packages are best suited for Small Businesses, Startups, and Professionals, with low-competition Keywords and Locations. Whereas, our Premium Package is custom-crafted for businesses with highly-searched Keywords and targeting users globally.

RK Web Solutions SEO Service Monthly Plans
KEYWORDS Up to 10 Up to 30 Up to 75
Keyword Research
Competition Analysis 2 3 5
Initial Ranking Analysis
Long-tail Keywords Research up to 10 up to 30 up to 75
Recommended Keywords Research up to 10 up to 30 up to 75
Website Analysis
Duplicate Content Analysis
On-page Analysis
Canonicalization Analysis
Backlink Analysis
Google Penalty Check
Mobile Site Analysis
Responsiveness Check
W3C Validation Check
Broken Links Analysis
Social Channels Analysis
Google Webmaster Tools
Google Analytics Analysis
Title Tag Optimization
Meta Description Optimization
Duplicate Content Analysis
URL Optimization
CTR Optimization
Breadcrumb Optimization
Heading Tag (H1 – H6) Optimization
Content Creation & Optimization
Text Readability Improvement
Image Title & Alt Tag Optimization
Anchor Text Optimization
Internal Link Optimization
Rich Snippets Optimization
Schema Markup (Structured Data)
Tools Integration
Google Analytics Setup
Goals Setup
Funnels Setup
Conversion Tracking
Google Webmaster Tools Setup
Bing Webmaster Tools Setup
URL Redirection
XML Sitemap Optimization
Robots.txt File Optimization
Website Architecture Optimization
Layout Optimization
HTML/CSS Issues Report
Loading Time Optimization Report
Page Speed Optimization
Custom 404 Error Page
Local Citation
Google My Business
Bing Places Listing
Social Profiles Creation
LinkedIn Company Page
Keyword Ranking
Google Analytics Traffic Report
Audiences Overview Report
Monthly Progress Report
Customer Support
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +91-9372439660
Skype/Whatsup Support
Project Manager
Monthly SEO Services Pricing (in USD) $199 $399 $999
Monthly SEO Services Pricing (in INR) ₹15,000 ₹30,000 ₹80,000
All of the above-mentioned SEO packages are crafted after in-depth research and based on our clients’ requirements.

Our result-oriented SEO package plans and pricing are structured to boost your website ranking, organic traffic, and business sales.

Whether you run a small business or are a Startup, a professional, or a large organization, our SEO services packages will increase your business growth.

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Starter SEO Package

If you are a small business and want your business to gain more online visibility at a low-cost, our starter SEO package suits you perfectly.

Our Starter SEO package is perfectly designed to meet your small business’s online goal without making a large investment.

We understand our client’s requirements, and based on that, we crafted affordable SEO packages.

If your business has not many keywords and competition, our Starter package is the right fit for you.

You can have up to 5 primary keywords and 5 more long-tailed keywords at just $199 per month.

For a custom quote, feel free to write us an email.

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Advanced SEO package

For a Startup, Entrepreneur, or SME with a vision to scale up your business from Local to National and from National to Global, we recommend our Standard SEO Package.

With our Standard SEO Package, you can grow your business effectively faster and get on the top of the Search Engines’ Results Pages.

Investing Money in SEO can give you long-term benefits to your business. Our SEO services can take your business to the next level.

Our Advanced Package is perfectly crafted to match your online goals and help your business to boost sales, profits, and productivity at an affordable price.

In our Advanced SEO Package, you can have up to 30 Keywords to target at just $399 per month.

You can also get up to a 15% discount on our yearly SEO plans. To small businesses with a dream to get big and bigger, we recommend our Advanced SEO plan.

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Premium SEO Package

For Professionals, Mid-size to Large Businesses, Corporates, and Enterprises, our Advanced SEO Packages suit the best.

It focuses on developing an effective SEO strategy for Businesses and Brands. It’s one of our exclusive SEO packages.

We have an SEO team that understands the audience’s behavior, and according to that, we implement a proven SEO strategy.

In Premium SEO packages, you can get in-depth reports and a project manager to update you on the progress constantly.

It includes a wide range of services such as Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, Page Optimization, and almost everything at just $999 per month.

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Why choose RK Web Solutions’ SEO Services?

Our SEO services focus on ranking your website higher into search engines and getting you more leads who are most likely to become customers. Although it takes a long time to rank higher, it requires dedication and hard work to achieve the top position.

Our strategist will first understand your business. And do a complete SEO audit for your business website. We draft a custom plan for different types of Websites. Here at RK Web Solutions, we use proven methods and strategies which are already successful.

So don’t miss out on the opportunity to work with an SEO Agency that can take your business to the next level. Choose the best SEO packages that fit perfectly with your budget. For custom SEO packages, please fill our contact form or you can email us or call us on +91-9372439660.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How much does it cost for SEO services in India?

The cost of SEO services in India varies between ₹5000 to $1,00,000 a month. Our SEO pricing is among the cheapest. We charge between ₹15,000 to ₹80,000 per month for keywords up to 10 to 75. Also, we offer up to a 15% discount on our yearly plans for Advanced and Premium SEO packages.

What to check when researching SEO prices?

Selecting a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company is a tedious task for every business owner. There are so many SEO agencies who claim to provide the best SEO services at an affordable cost.

First of all, you should list out all your requirements and determine the goal which you want to achieve through the SEO campaign.

Then, you should list out the SEO agencies based on their past performance for their existing clients.

By reviewing past performance, you will get to know that the agency you select is using ethical SEO strategies & techniques that work.

Then you should look for which SEO agency fits in your budget.

Here at RK Web Solutions, we provide the best and result-driven SEO services packages that are incredibly affordable for any size of business.

How do I choose the best SEO package?

Choosing the best SEO package can be tricky and requires more time to research. Every business needs SEO, but how can you determine how much you should pay for SEO for your Website.

SEO pricing mostly depends on the size of the website and the competition in the market. This also involves work methodologies and strategies that they implement to enhance the visibility of your business.

Therefore, we have tailored our SEO services plans in different categories so that it can be easy for you to determine which package will be best for you.

Check out our affordable SEO packages, see what fits your requirement. If you are still confused, do not hesitate to contact us. Our SEO consultants will understand your needs to give you a free quotation.

We provide local seo packages for small businesses that best suited for your local businesses and help you to achieve the top-ranking for local searches at an affordable price.

How is SEO pricing determined?

The cost of SEO services depends on a variety of factors. These factors include the past performance of work, the experience of SEO professional to work on your project, and the agency you choose.

SEO pricing highly depends on the size of your business. If your business is small, then you can go with the starter SEO plan.

But if you have a big business and your requirements are big, then you could get a custom quote from the SEO company.

Why should you invest in SEO?

In today’s digital world SEO has become extremely important for any business to stand out with its competitors in the market.

SEO services can help your small businesses to rank organically on top of the google searches which will help to drive more traffic and customers for your business.

SEO can improve your website organic visibility and engages the user to stay on your website, which increases the percentage of conversions.

Investing in SEO can give you long-term benefits and business growth at extremely low-cost compared to paid marketing.

How to know the progress of my SEO campaign?

We give you a Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly SEO Report in which we include all the activities that we have performed to improve your search visibility.

Our reports will also include website keywords positions in search engines, organic traffic progress, and link building reports.

We also provide you with a detailed Google Analytics report where you can see all metrics like the number of unique visitors that come to your website, bounce rate, and conversion rate.

These reports are easy to understand and can help you to analyze the performance of the SEO strategies we implemented for your website.