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Looking for Best Social Media Marketing (SMM) Agency?

We deliver innovative SMM strategies to give your brand a compelling voice.

Our Social Media Marketing Services help your business to generate instant results on social networks by presenting your products or services to millions of people who may be interested in your brand. As a result, it gives you more brand awareness, more website traffic, and more sales.

RK Web Solutions is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai that helps its clients attract, Impress, and Convert more leads online and reach the right people at the right time with its effective social media marketing services.

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Reach More Audience & Get More Engagement

Our Social Media Marketing Strategist can build a plan tailored to your needs, whether you are looking for more likes, more followers, or more leads.

Our custom Social Media Marketing Plan will increase your brand awareness and cater to your goals.

We are a Digital Marketing, SEO Services, and Social Media Marketing Company in Mumbai, India, with 10+ years of experience.

Our Social Media Marketing Packagescan be the right fit for your business to grow at a low cost and affordable rate.

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Social Media Marketing

Why do you need a Social Media Marketing Agency?

Many people use social networks and believe in them. Audiences go through social profiles of the company and brands before making a purchase or to know about the business.

If your business is still not active on social sites, you miss out on a golden opportunity to reach your audiences.

Every brand needs a Social Media Marketing Agency to manage and implement an effective social media marketing strategy.

We provide SMM Services to get your brand noticed on popular sites like

Our Effective Social Media Management Approach to Expand your Reach

    • Improve Brand Visibility

The more you showcase your products, the more visibility your business will gain, and Social media provides you with these opportunities to publicize your brand with the larger community.

    • Increase Brand Awareness

Increasing brand awareness and interacting with your target audience can build brand loyalty that engages your customers to take action toward your business.

    • Generate More Leads

Social media is an exceptional platform to generate highly targeted leads with people who are interested in the products or services that you offer.

10+ Years of Experience in Social Media Management

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How our Social Media Marketing Services & can bring success to your business?

Research and Analysis

Understanding the niche and competition is extremely important. Our Social Media Consultant do the research and analyze what actions must be taken to grow your brand’s presence. To understand the interest of the audience is of great significance.

Strategic Planning

After research and analysis, it’s transparent which type of content needs to be served to attract your target audience. Based on the analysis we develop a social media marketing plan to reach the interested audiences on beneficial social platforms.

Content Creation

Content is King! Whereas, it also matters what type of content to post on social sites. our content writers create content that engages more users and gets you more likes and followers. It goes viral in no time. Audiences believe that your brand is unique and trustworthy.

Post Scheduling

We analyze the best time to post when most of the users are active and accordingly schedule the posts to increase engagement. We manage the publishing of content on social media platforms with the help of social tools or directly over the social site.

Track Performance

Our specialized SMM Services team continuously monitors the activities over social channels. To know more about how your social media marketing campaign is performing. This involves analyzing the posts, users, reach, and track the performance.

Optimize for Best

We continuously keep track of the insights and performance and optimize the social media marketing campaign to deliver the best. We schedule the posts at the best time when the engagement is higher to improve its presence and performance.

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Affordable Social Media Services Packages

Our Specialized Social Media Management Services

Facebook Marketing

Facebook, one of the primary social media platforms for networking and gathering customers. We create your Facebook Business Page, which functions as a gateway to get more Facebook likes, audience, customers, and the niche partners in your industry.

Instagram Marketing

With Instagram marketing, we take the initiative to promote your business that reaches your audience over Instagram. Our customized Instagram marketing strategy can help you accelerate your brand awareness, followers, engagement, and leads.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a prominent platform to promote and create brand awareness. Through sharing tweets, you can build a ground for updating information on your product or services. We create a Twitter profile, wherein we market the brand and build more followers.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is an essential social media platform for B2B communication. With it, your business is promoted amongst the audience as well as your industry. Our LinkedIn Marketing Services promises to build a profile that helps you get customers and increase sales.

Pinterest Marketing

Social Media Marketing over Pinterest can be time-consuming, but it helps you in the long run. Our Social Media experts create pinboards for the audience's growth and increase traffic by posting relevant pictures for your brand or company in a user-friendly manner.

Free Social Media Strategy

We provide you with a Social Media Marketing Strategy, where the first step for us is to understand your audience and analyze the competition. With detailed merits and demerits, we evaluate and reform our social media strategies for the betterment of your brand or business.

Why choose RK Web Solutions, Social Media Marketing Agency?

RK Web Solutions helps businesses grow over various social media platforms with proven strategies.

We ensure you proficiency, trustworthiness, and dedication required to build your brand’s online presence.

We create affordable and effective SMM campaigns that help you grow as a brand and expand your reach.

Here’s why you should opt for RK Web Solutions Social Media Services …

  • We invest our time in understanding your niche industry and most important the users
  • We strive to create posts that engage people and reach the right audience in right time
  • We create posts that increase likes, followers, shares i.e., build engagement and traffic
  • We ensure to provide you with the best result through our Social Media Management
Why choose RK Web solutions
Varun Dayama
Varun Dayama
January 24, 2021.
Best Digital Marketing Services in Kandivali area!!
Jitendra Gupta
Jitendra Gupta
January 12, 2021.
Professional and Quality Service
Arun Rawat
Arun Rawat
January 10, 2021.
Great team to work with on digital platforms specially Seo team. Understand customer requirement and good knowledge on techincial aspects.
Pratik jani
Pratik jani
December 15, 2020.
Very professional..great result.... Working with RK web solutions from past 5years and there service is getting better day by day...
Tarun Makhija
Tarun Makhija
October 7, 2020.
A great team lead by by an even better leader. Perfect for your Search Engine Optimization solutions.
Kanika Sabharwal
Kanika Sabharwal
September 30, 2020.
I love the services... Very helpful..

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a process of creating and sharing engaging content to promote your brand or business and improve the presence over the various social media channels.

How much does Social Media Marketing cost?

Our Social Media Marketing plan starts at $275, which includes most of the popular social media channels.

The cost of SMM Services may vary depending on which social media channels you choose to advertise your brand.

Also, the price varies considerably depending on the working knowledge of social media marketing agencies.

We provide low-cost social media marketing services for small businesses that may help to get connected with a niche audience.

Why hire us for Social Media Services?

We have extensive experience in handling SMM campaigns for different verticals and have been successful throughout the years.
We help to build yourself as a brand and get connected to a wider audience. We help you to attract more customers to your brand.

How to measure the success of the SMM campaign?

With the help of social analytics tools, you can measure the success of your social media presence and brand’s appearance.

You can see how many followers did your campaign reach, how many likes, shares, favorites, comments, and retweets did your campaign produced.

All these metrics can help your business to achieve loyal customers and increase your sales and productivity for your business.

How to do SMM?

Social Media Marketing strategies are unique for every brand and business. The initial steps begin with identifying the persona of your target audience and determining which social media platforms are suitable for your business. Not all social platforms are necessary to be on, so proper research is essential.