Do Google Reviews & Ratings help SEO

by | Dec 24, 2020 | SEO

Do Google Reviews help SEO & Google Rankings?

If you have your business established online, irrespective of it being large or small, online reviews will help you to stay ahead in the crowd and the competitors.

Yes, google reviews do help you improve your SEO and google rankings. It can be stated as the most straightforward approach to make your business discoverable and increase traffic.

Some stats say that customers consider online reviews before buying a specific product or service. Most of them tend to go for those who have positive reviews in the majority. Positive reviews are vital for business growth.

Does Google Review help Google Rankings?

There are three significant factors that, in certain combinations, help Google find the best match for the consumer. Businesses that rank high have taken an ample amount of time to figure out the factors and place them correctly.

Below are the three major factors that Google goes through while determining the local search ranking :


Google’s primary aim is to cater to the most relevant content a business page shows related to the consumer’s search. A business must add its whole and sole information for Google to understand it better and recommend it.


When a consumer randomly searches a wide parameter, that is something that cannot be controlled by you. Hence, Google tends to show the most relevant businesses close to the person who is researching.


Prominence is a tricky factor that Google uses. What it means is ‘how well a business is known in the offline world.’ These are more likely to rule the high ranking, and lesser-known ones are at the bottom.

It also considers the businesses with high star ratings higher in the ranking than those that are poorly rated.


Does Google Reviews help SEO?

Every business motto would be to attract more traffic to their website, and online reviews majorly participate in it.

Three ways that help SEO:

Google trusts customers

Customer review acts as keywords at times. When a review is done, Google considers your business to be real irrespective of review type. Positive reviews make Google put you on more visibility for your page.

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Google likes reading

It’s like a geek who likes to go through each and every detailing. Google reads out everything you have displayed about your business; hence, try to detail the same. Customer reviews act as the best SEO Google could get as content to get real with.

Great reviews tend to increase stars

Reviews would add stars to your business. Consumers trust reviews and would visit a page with 5-star reviews rather than a 2-star one. The number of clicks would also help you get stars and increase your ranking

The products and process along with the services you provide, should be convincing and always a step ahead with new tactics to surprise your consumer and keep them happy. It eventually helps them gain trust in you and ultimately brand longevity.

Why are Google Reviews so Important?

Google’s review just doesn’t increase the local search ranking of the businesses, but also shows a glimpse on the entire journey of the same.

There are 4 Parameters of this as well:


Reviews automatically get you to be more visible and get recognized. Also, online reviews are where consumers read reviews of your latest products and related information. This is where consumers may become your customers.


Online searches to find your business, view your ratings, and read your reviews also increases your local search ranking irrespective of the consumer clicking on the website. Companies with higher ratings seem to catch customers’ attention and are fancy with their portrayal.

Fewer star ratings like 2 to 3 stars is also considered, but a rating of 4 to 5 will make you stand out.


Online reviews are the only part where a consumer is convinced with your business whether they make a purchase or not. Consumers say that the reviews result in their purchase decision and is the convincing factor.


After the purchase is made and the review is received, the review results as being a valuable asset to your business. Some businesses try to adapt the content of reviews to help make decisions and improve customer experience.

Responding to Reviews can get you Customers?


Whether the review you got is positive or negative, responding to the review shows your efforts. This could build a relationship of satisfaction and, at times, trust. Businesses turn into Brands when they start engaging and interacting with their target audience.

Responding to negative reviews can increase positive results. The stats say that the negative reviews that respond from the businesses tend to delete their review, later posting a positive one.

Google businesses can lead you to the three main factors that lead to more SEO and rankings: brand trust, feedback, and local SEO. Your business, however, it’s small, must have Google reviews, or you’re at risk of missing out on your advantages as an emerging business.

Google Reviews and SEO’s are free! They only require the time and resources available over the internet.

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