What is SEO and How it works?

by | Jan 5, 2021 | SEO

What is SEO and How it works?

So, SEO, you must have heard about this term trending these days. But, you might be wondering whether SEO is really that important?

Well, Yes, it is!

In this SEO Article, we cover the SEO basics.

What does SEO stand for in Online Marketing?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is essential for the growth of any business online. Every website owner must adapt the optimal way to use SEO and gain traffic to the website.

Understanding SEO

Search Engine Optimization, a.k.a. SEO is considered a powerful aspect of digital marketing. SEO is a process to improve the visibility of a webpage or a website on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). It makes the business website more visible, reaches more audiences, thereby converting your target audience into customers.

Your website is more discoverable, and traffic converts to leads and leads to sales. It is an organic, non-paid, and most optimized tool available to drive traffic to your website.

Search Engines tend to rank the content on a web page with some high-quality content and relevance. Search engines crawl, review, and look through all the websites to get you the most relevant results. It also analyzes whether the site is user-friendly or not.

SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization is to optimize the content with a motive to attract organic search engine traffic. The content optimized should be relative to your business and your target audience. SEO could lead to better ranking and more visibility of your Website.

It includes the following optimization process to optimize your Website:

Keyword Research

Start with researching for the relevant keyword. Try to find some keywords with less competition yet more relevant. Shortlist your keyword niche that your audience will be looking up over the internet

Keyword Optimization

Keywords should be featured in the Title, at the start of the paragraph, and in the content. Web Page must be relevant to the keyword chosen. Don’t try to sneak in irrelevant keywords. It can affect traffic to the website. Use synonyms, and other related keywords, too. Don’t overuse the Keywords. It can kill the traffic.

Valid Content

You need to make sure that you have relevant content to the keyword; else, the search engine will filter your website out. The content should be organized to keep engaging the users and drive more audience to your website


There are specific algorithms that help find accurate websites irrespective of the content length. But the most crucial factor is that an article or a webpage should not be dragged up to 1000 words when it could sum up in just 300 words. Authoritative content is valued.

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Content Promotions

Create content that goes viral. People should love it. Share it on their social accounts. You should share it too on your social media profiles. You must make usage of your connections on social media to do a word spread. Also, you can try acquiring links to your content.

SEO – The Phases

There are 6 phases in SEO:

Research: Include business research, keyword niche research, competitor analysis, and search engine content optimization tactics.

Planning and Strategy: Plan for SEO texts and social media word spread. Strategize on technical knowledge usage and networking presence.

Implementation: Where the planning is executed, and the optimization of websites are performed.

Monitoring: Keenly monitor the website traffic, demographics, age groups, audience, search engine ranking, and the other important metrics.

Assessment: Trace the observed data out and check for the goals and conversions.

Maintenance: Keep the website in good shape and touch up the new relevant content and the SEO related optimization accordingly.

Importance of SEO

  • SEO proves as the most important strategy for organic traffic as people conduct about trillions of searches every year.
  • And most often to just find out information about the products and services they came across a commercial of.
  • By infusing more relatable content, SEO helps you reach more potential consumers, with high conversion chances as a regular customer.
  • You should have a high amount of readability, and discoverable website and content can be your gateway for more traffic.
  • Your SERPs ranking should be high and make your content research up to mark.
  • Lead generation and conversion of these into sales give you how much validated your SEO content is for market placement.

Fundamental Principles of SEO

Mobile SEO

As the Search Engines concentrate more on the mobile-based index, mobile SEO can help you grow your online market. Optimize the content and increase speed.

Voice Search

Voice searches can be in your forte if you apply these: Regional language keyword and create FAQs.

Links are Concrete

Links tend to work as one of the best things that take out SEO performance. It makes definite sense to invest in link building as a part of SEO marketing.

UX is a Thing

Users’ experience should be catered to whilst considering the look, gestures, and speed of the website to be at its optimal rate.

Relevant, Optimized Content

Content crafting and optimization are done via searching for the keyword niche, focusing on expertise, and gaining users’ trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I study SEO?

There are many great resources out there if you’re trying to learn SEO and specific online platforms that provide SEO basics and advanced courses. Check out blogs on various blog sites.

How is SEO changing?

SEO is always changing. But the most significant change continues to be the shift towards mobile than desktop. Mobile digital media time is now significantly higher (51%) than desktop digital media time (42%). That number is set to continue to grow.

How do I conduct keyword research?

Most of the SEO tools can be found over the internet. Once you settle on a tool, give your mind a run on these questions: What are some parent topics related to my business; related to a product that I sell; related to a blog post I want to write about?

What can SEO do for your Business?

It can prove as a real asset to your business. You can research with no money spent. Strategize the plans accordingly to make your website discoverable by search engines’ audience. It helps in building brand awareness. Eventually will divert the traffic towards your website, converting it to lead generation and sales.

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