47 Killer Social Media Post Ideas to Enhance User Engagement

by | Jan 16, 2020 | Social Media

Social Media Post Ideas

In digital marketing, being active on social media is important. But the idea of posting gets crucial when you run out of things to post on social media.

Recently, the focus of marketing is primarily on social media posts and social marketing.

In such a scenario, it’s difficult to find motivation and generate different content on your social media channels.

There are many ways of creating posts for social media. But before generating those ideas, one needs to know what your audience search and look over social platforms.

Foremost, to understand the activity of the audience is extremely important. The posts they like, share, comment most on. Time being you can generate such posts more often.

1. Blog Post:

Blogs can be informative for your audience. But, not everyone might come across the blog.

You can promote your blog by posting it on a social media profile.

Creating a post to promote your blog would also attract users globally.


2. Live Videos:

Live videos are now a fun way of engaging with your audience. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Ensure that you choose a platform that is right and suitable for you.

You can schedule live videos on particular days of the week.

One can go live when there’s an event or celebration going on. It will make your audience feel a part of the company culture.

facebook  page photo

3. Tweets:

Nowadays, Twitter is the most engaging platform for sharing news and updates.

Try tweeting about your company updates, new events. You might even want to share some facts from your industry.

You can even introduce or promote your product through tweets.

The best way to engage with the audience on Twitter is by using #hashtags.

Twitter Page Photo

4. “How to…?” videos:

Apart from sharing news, informative messages, you can even post fun and creative video which might also help your audience.

Currently, videos showcasing cleaning tips, tips for office decor, easy tips on blog writing, etc are getting a lot of hype.

You could get creative and make such videos on the topics which you like.

Make sure to keep the length of the videos for 3 or more minutes.

5. Contest or Competition:

For the active participation of the audience, you can go off-grid by organizing small contests or competitions.

Try arranging contests such as a quiz or asking about something which is trending. You can even keep it simple by asking some riddle or asking them to provide feedback on your products.

When thinking about competition, you can ask the audience to suggest a tagline for your product.

The best ones that you find from the replies will be the winner. The prize of the contest or competition could be a follow back, shoutout or some small voucher.

contest post photo

6. Giveaways:

Giveaways are the new way of telling your followers how you adore and appreciate them.

You can have giveaways on scheduled days or even on holidays/festive days like Diwali, Christmas.

For giveaways, you can keep a small contest or randomly announce names you would like to shower the gift/s upon.

Giveaways usually take place by contest such as by asking simple questions like “How do you spend your weekend?” or “What is the favorite memory from childhood?”.

You can even get a bit innovative in this, by asking the audience some questions related to your product or some past events you have visited such as “What was the tagline of our Summer Collection?” or “What is the number of sales done by us in September?”, etc.

The best prize for giveaways could be your new product or some gift hamper with a few of your products or any other gifts. You can even partner up with other companies for the giveaway gifts.

instagram giveaway photo

7. Questions & Answers (Q & A):

One of the ways to interact and communicate with your audience is to ask questions for fun.

The questions could be put up straight or you can even provide options for the questions.

It is a fun way to learn and get to know your audience a bit more. Whether to give prizes for the answers is up to you.

Question  and answer photo

8. Create Poll:

Another way of reaching out to your audience is by creating a poll. Through this, you learn things about your audience and even learn where you stand.

The topic of the poll could vary from a general conversation on food, childhood, media, etc. you can even go off-board by taking a poll on ongoing news or trending topic which you can find on Twitter.

The best media platforms for taking a poll are Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

opinion poll photo

9. Company Culture:

Let your followers and audience know about your company and office. Share some post dedicating your office routine or your workspace.

You can post some funny pictures or some insight happenings going into your office. You can even post some behind the scenes videos or images of an event you visited or some office celebration.

office Diwali celebretion photo

10. Inspiring Quotes:

If tired of posting images and videos, you can even share something you learned over the internet like some inspiring quotes.

You can either share it from some source or be a little creative and make one yourself.

Let your audience learn something from you and feel inspired for the day.

Inspiring quotes


Try helping your audience by providing tips related to routine, beauty, relaxation, etc.

You can also provide tips related to your business, industry, marketing or anything associated with your work.

Tips photo

12. Holiday Posts:

Stay lowkey and innovative by posting pictures or media content regarding holidays, national days like National Book Day, etc.

You can share some celebration images or videos of the holiday or even post some past images or videos of that holiday.

Be creative enough by posting some Meme or GIF for the post.

holiday post

13. The employee of the month:

Let your audience learn more about the insights of your workplace.

Engage your audience by letting them know the employee of the month.

14. New Addition to the Company:

Make your audience aware of your team or the members working in your company.

You can post on social media about a new member or a new employee, who might have just got it.

It will let your audience know the new faces of your company and let the new employee feel like he/she is a part of the family.

15. New Office Decor:

Share a post on social media about some decor or any antique that is recently purchased and put on display.

Let everyone know what things and taste you and your colleagues share in common with the world.


16. Photos from Company Events:

When you make a visit to any event for work-related purposes, you can post some images or any post for your followers to know about the event.

While posting about the event, even mention the location and the organizers of the event.

company event

17. Announcements of attending events:

Social media can be a fun and attractive place for making announcements and inventing people for events and programs.

Post announcements and events beforehand on social media that you’re participating in or visiting. Your audience will be aware of the ongoing events and organizations and could tag along with you as well.

You can also post announcements regarding yours, or the company’s achievements as well.

18. Share Infographics:

Social media is not just a medium of entertainment. You can even educate or provide knowledgeable information to your audience.

The best way to produce an informative post is by creating infographics. Infographics could be related to any subject or topic, depending on the interests of your audience and the type of content you produce on the profile.

Topics for infographics can vary from general issues to any specific subject pertaining to your industry or work.

Seo infographic image

19. Share GIF:

Be a bit fun and cheerful towards your audience by sharing GIFs on your social media.

Event GIF

20. Have a conversation with a leader from your industry:

Every now and then, try something new, productive and encouraging not only for you but also for the audience.

One of the ways is by sharing an interview or having a conversation with some leaders from your industry.

Post the interview or conversation on social media letting the audience learn and understand how determined you are towards your work and grasp more knowledge about the industry.

#21. Announcements of new job position

Try being friendly and inclusive towards your audience.

When getting a new job or moving into a new workplace, make your audience aware of it by posting an announcement about it.

22. Throwback post:

It’s fun to let your audience know about your old times and memories.

Post something that has happened to you or in your company long ago.

The audience will get to know more regarding the history of you or the company.

23. Promoting live videos and webinars:

If planning to go live or conducting a webinar, let your audience get notified about the same.

Try posting a story on social media like Facebook, Instagram beforehand about the live video or the webinar you would be conducting.

24. Image Scramble:

Image scramble is something new and trend that has emerged recently.

It is a fun game to play with the audience. The main aim of the game is to let the audience guess the whole image.

In the post, only a part of the image is zoomed and the audience might be given options to choose and identify what is the image.

It’s a fun activity to play on Instagram while relaxing on a weekend.

25. Product/Service review:

If there is a good review of your product or service that catches your eye on the internet, don’t be shy to share it with your audience.

Sharing the post could recommend the audience to buy the product.

The best social media to share the reviews are Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

customer review

26. Podcasts:

Podcasts could be in audio as well as video format.

Try uploading a podcast once a while on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


27. Share a Case Study:

Research can always take on a different pathway.

While doing any research for something related to your work, you might view a case study.

Share any such case study related to your work or industry on social media.

28. Share a Fill-in-blank Post:

Ask a fill in blank kind of question just for fun and playful time.

For example, “What’s your plan for__________?”

The audience can come up with various kinds of questions and answers.

Let your audience get creative this time.

29. Statistics:

Instead of posting a case study and long paragraphs on social media, try sharing or linking statistics.

You can post statistics about any data related to your industry.

statistics photo

30. Promote your Partners:

Once in a while, you could share a post appreciating your partners you’ve teamed up with.

Try posting some of their products on your profile and let your audience know what business are they into.

31. Share a Memory or Personal Story:

For a change, try bonding with your audience as individuals you come across in your daily life.

You could share a post dedicated to your childhood or a memory, lost in history. One could also post about a story that they find funny or inspiring to share with the audience.

If you don’t want to get too involved in storytelling about your past, you could share some old pictures or videos related to your current workplace or your previous workplace.

32. Joke or Meme:

Getting bored with thinking about what to post next on social media.

Don’t ponder much. Try posting some joke or a meme.

MEME Photo

33. Reminding people to buy your product:

Social media is all about marketing. So, it won’t be harmful if you remind your audience about buying your products.

Try being formal when requesting your audience.

The most prominent platform for this is Facebook and Instagram.

34. Gratitude Post:

Stay grounded for the audience you have gained.

Share a thanking post for your audience and followers. Let them know how much they mean to you.

Thankyou post

35. Hashtags:

Nowadays hashtag is trendy and used manually in conversation.

Hashtags related to weekdays are very common, such as #MondayMotivation, #ThurdayThought, #FunFriday.

Hashtag Post Photo

36. A charity you’ve partnered with:

If there’s a charity you were invited to and attended it, share it with your audience.

Post an image or video showcasing the events taken place in the charity. Tag the charity name and the location of the charity event in the post.

Let your audience know what social welfare are you into.

37. Know your audience:

Interact more with your audience, once in a while.

Ask them about “how they discovered you?”, their interests, the products they like yours.

Look forward to the different answers you would get from your audience.

38. Questions or Queries:

Solve queries and issues of your audience which they might be having related to your product, company or anything related to marketing.

Help out your audience and let them have a clear mindset.

question or queries post

39. Ask for predictions:

Before launching a new product or before announcing anything related to work, play a game with your audience.

Let them predict your new product or the announcement you’re about to share.

40. “Would you rather…”:

Talking about games, you could play this fun and interactive Q & A type of game.

Share a “would you rather….” post, by asking them a scenario type question with two options to choose from.

For example, “Would you rather ‘dance or sing’ at your friend’s birthday party?”

Make your audience smile and giggle by sharing such a post.

41. Hobby or Passion:

No need to brainwash your head for thinking what to post next.

If you can’t figure out anything, try sharing a post dedicating your hobby or your passion.

You can even ask your followers to share what are their hobbies or what they are most passionate about.

42. Challenge:

Another trendy thing nowadays on the internet is a challenge.

There are varying challenges that are performed on the internet.

You could participate in one such challenge or create a new challenge for your audience.

43. National Days:

Just like holiday posts, try sharing posts based on national days.

Days such as National Food Day, National Book Day or National Coffee Day.

Share a picture or video dedicating the national day and make your audience aware of the day.

national day post

44. Interview a Customer:

Apart from interviewing a legend or a celebrity from your industry, you could rather interview a customer.

Ask some opinions about your business, product, and services to the customer.

Share the experience on social media.

45. Shout out to an Influencer:

Be thankful for what you have achieved and the aspiration you have received from people.

Share a post featuring the people you’ve inspired you and brought here in the first place.

Let out a shout out to one or all your influencers through social media.

You can either create a story or a post for it.

46. Create a “tag a friend” post:

On the internet, being tagged is the new form of remembering and appreciating your loved ones.

Get creative and make a post based on where people can tag their friends and family.

The best platforms for sharing the post would be Facebook and Instagram.


47. Join in with a new partner:

If you’re planning to team up with someone or a new company, you can always use the internet as a media to share your good news.

Rejoice and share a post about this new team-up or the new company.

Let your audience feel inclusive about your happiness as well.

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