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by | Mar 17, 2020 | Online Marketing

Google Webmaster Tool: Easiest Way To Keep Your Website Healthy

There are plenty of webmaster tools available on the internet that will help you to make your websites better in a variety of ways. If you optimize your website in that way you are going to give a start to the optimization of your website with the search engines.

There are some general practices followed to optimize your websites along with the Google search engine. The free Google webmaster tool will help you to learn the tips and tricks before moving on to any paid platform or service. There are many people who own their websites but are not getting any significant traffic to their websites.

Google webmaster tools are one of the important tools that can be utilized by these to increase the traffic and the rank of their websites Google webmaster tool is one of the important tools present on the internet to suit all their needs. One can easily use Google webmaster tools to increase the traffic on their site than spending a lot of money on the SEO companies. In case you are availing any paid SEO and online marketing campaign then it is the best platform to check the efficiency of the running campaigns.

Google webmaster tool is complicated and must be handled out carefully. There are too many components included in the webmaster’s toolbox. Before using any of the variables you must have prior information about its usage. You must have a Google account to login to the webmasters’ account. For the first time when you will log in to the webmaster account, you need to add your site to it.

You will be able to see the screenshot of your website after adding your website. You will be also needed to verify that it is your own website. This will be done by clicking on the verify button on the right side of a screenshot of your website. It is always recommended to upload an HTML file to your root domain to verify your website. This is one of the easiest ways to get your website verified.

In the Google webmaster tools dashboard, you will find an option to upload a sitemap in the XML format. You can also create a sitemap by using the services provided by the Google webmaster tool. Once you have added the sitemap you can find that Google has indexed your website. You also have the option to manually add website pages and URL links by GoogleBot.

Googlebot is designed in such a way that it will know how to reach certain pages of your website. It is always good to check the crawling errors by using the health tab on the dashboard. This feature must be used on a regular basis as an unhealthy website can be overlooked by the search robots.

You must also check that is there any URL errors reported during your last Googlebot crawl. An important tool of Googlebot is the HTML improvements. This tool suggests you with all types of changes that must be done on your website. These include Meta tags, description tags, and many more descriptive tags. Google webmasters tool makes the websites optimized for search engines and will surely ensure that they stay healthy.

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