Top 5 Reasons To Use WordPress

by | Mar 16, 2020 | WordPress

Top 5 Reasons you should use WordPress

With the edge cutting competition in this advanced world, every business personnel desires to make them recognized worldwide. The business organizations are feeling a requirement to introduce their business officially in an appealing and attractive way through websites and nothing can be a better platform than the “WordPress”. It initially started as a blog tool has now emerged as a powerful open source content management system.

In the globe of internet, everyone desires to gain the attention of the people towards the products and services offered by the company. It is typically based on PHP and MySql. Millions of people are using WordPress to create different sorts of websites like e-commerce stores, private membership sites, blogs, and corporate sites.

The main reason behind the increasing demand of WordPress is its friendly user-interface.
WordPress development is the easiest way to design websites with easily accessible plug-ins and various themes and widgets.

Why WordPress is so famous?

1. It is easy to modify the websites with the help of various options vacant and is also easy to learn and adjust.

2. Search engine optimizing (SEO) play a vital role in enhancing its popularity since it creates codes that are search engine friendly. Certain themes and widgets of WordPress also enhance the website.

3. It is very easy to make a personal website or blog for your own use. Large diversity of people visits WordPress for their personal or commercial use.

4. Add-ons and deletions are very easy so it provides a greater suppleness to your website.

5. It can compete very well with the language-oriented websites. One need not know have knowledge of any language to efficiently work in this content administration organism.


But there is various security matter related to the software. In January 2007, search engine optimization blogs and other commercial blogs were exploited by the mugger in the form of the back door. After a while, some issues were prevailing due to the unsupported versions of the software. However, the issue was solved later. Hence, WordPress sites must be made with taking in concern the software during the installation time of various widgets and themes.

WordPress has some very efficient plug-ins as given below:

1. Database manager:

It keeps the back up of your data that has been altered by you. You can have a look at your data every day every time needed for some task.

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2. Smart links:

Smart link basically, links the one page to the other. It interlinks to other articles of your website.

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3. Tweeting posts:

If you have a twitter account, you can update it using this plug-in. your posts can be simply turned to your tweets on the twitter account.

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4. Widget context:

Choosing which thingamabob to emerge and which one not to appear on your sidebar is entirely your choice with the help of this plug-in. Even different sections can be made for different widgets.

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5. WordPress calendar:

This tool lets you add or delete any page for any date in your website as per your requirement.

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Using WordPress as a platform for making your websites is an outstanding idea to get a fresh and attractive look for your website.

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