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Get more exposure for your brand and reach more audiences with our Social Media Marketing Services. Our SMM packages start at just $199/month, so there isn’t any excuse not to try them out today!


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Affordable SMM Packages for Small to Big Brands

Our Social Media Marketing Packages costs are affordable, and the plans are tailored for specific business needs and financial capacity. We help you grow and build relationships with potential clients who will be more likely to purchase from you in the future.

You’ve worked hard to build your brand. Now, the time has come for you to share it with a broader audience! We specialize in Social Media Marketing Services and will help you get more exposure for your brand through social media networks.

The more likely social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter while creating engaging content optimized for each platform’s audiences.

Our SMM packages start at just $199/month for small businesses, so you can focus more time and energy where it matters most: making a positive impact in the world!

Hire us to Grow with our affordable Social Media Services

Social Media has become one of the most effective marketing tools for businesses. It helps build a company’s brand and reach customers in new markets. Still, many companies struggle to find success on social media platforms without an expert guide. Our team can help you plan your Social Media Marketing Campaigns not to go unnoticed or wasted!

It’s hard to run your own business, but we know the struggle well. We understand how important social media is to you and how much time it takes for all that posting—that’s why our professional manager will take care of everything so you can concentrate on what really matters: growing your company!

We are a team of social media managers for hire, ready to help you reach your target audience with the best quality and affordable service. We offer tailored Social Media Marketing Packages so that SMEs can succeed in today’s digital world!

With over 125+ clients, we are experts in Social Media. Whether you need help growing your followers or maintaining an already established presence, our affordable SMO packages will have you all covered!

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Social Media Management

Let’s talk about “How we can help your business grow?”

Social media marketing (SMM) is the trending and most powerful way to grow your business. It involves creating social media content on various networks to generate leads, sales, or awareness for a particular product that you are trying to sell.

We want to get you and your business off on the right foot by getting a better understanding of whom we are working for. We set clear goals that will help us be successful with our SMM strategy. These include specific SMM objectives as they directly relate to your company’s overall business plan.

Your social media plan is your best bet to succeed in business. It’s more than just a Facebook page or Twitter feed. It includes the strategy for using each platform and all our creative ideas on getting people talking about what you’re selling. We’ll help with this, too, so that users know where to find your stuff online!

For example, Facebook allows you to create paid advertising campaigns which helps, especially if targeting an audience with specific interests in mind or geographic location, etc…

So the primary goal of social media management today is engaging. And, this is what we are best at.

Contact RK Web Solutions, Social Media Marketing Agency, to improve your brand awareness. Choose the best social media marketing packages that fit perfectly to your budget. For a custom plan, please fill our contact form.

Social Media Management

Our Specialized Social Media Marketing Services

Facebook Marketing

With Facebook, you can interact with customers and keep them updated on newly available products or services and stay close to current trends in technology, so you’ll be able to accurately target a more specific audience. Utilize this social media platform for an all-inclusive marketing plan where the customer will feel like their voice is heard no matter what they have input!

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a staple in the modern marketer’s toolkit. With 130 million monthly users engaged with shopping content, it opens up an entirely new audience for your brand to reach out to and connect. Instagram allows you to promote products without being too pushy or aggressive, which creates more of a relationship between company and consumer rather than just buying customer service/product provider-customer exchange we often see today.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter has more than 321 million monthly active users, and 77% use it for business promotion. Marketing yourself or your company online seems daunting at first glance – after all, don’t we need money? Not really: as mentioned before, 78% use Twitter for marketing their businesses which proves that this platform doesn’t require any upfront costs and instead relies purely on creativity to help consumers find what they want from brands they love while still staying

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Budget-Friendly Social Media Marketing Packages

Social media marketing is the best way to reach your customers and potential clients, but which one will work for you? There are so many options out there that sometimes it can be complicated knowing where to start. Thankfully, we’ve got all the answers!

RK Web Solutions understands the needs of a modern business. We have three packages to fit your budget and help you grow in today’s world, including Starter, Advanced, and Premium. You’ll always be up-to-date with our newest tools!

RK Web Solutions, the SEO & Social Media Marketing Company, offers SMM packages and pricing tailored to your needs. All of our packages come with steps you can take to make sure people see what we have posted online; it’s all about getting results!

We know that it’s not easy to find the time or resources to do everything yourself. That’s why we offer SMM packages explicitly tailored to your needs. Whether you want just one package or multiple, we have everything for everyone. And if there’s anything else you need, just let us know! We’re always happy to help.

Social Media Marketing Packages Monthly Pricing Plans

SMM Packages STARTER ADVANCED (Recommended)

Strategy Creation

Setting Goals
Target Audience Analysis
Content Strategy Creation
Hashtag Research

Facebook Marketing

Page Creation
Page Optimization
Call-to-action button setup
Regular Posts 12 20 40
Post Sharing In Groups 1 3 5
Video Sharing
Page Monitoring
Competitor Analysis
Business Manager Account Set Up
FB Timeline Status Posting

FB Ad Campaign Set Up

Ad Campaign 1 2 3
Ad Campaign Monitoring
Pixel Installation
Traffic Monitoring
Audience Creation

Twitter Marketing

Profile Creation
Profile Optimization
Regular Tweets 12 20 40
Retweets 5 10 15
Twitter Analytics Monitoring
List Creation

Instagram Marketing

Profile Creation
Profile Optimization
Regular Posts 12 20 40
Instagram Analytics Monitoring
Image Tagging
Instagram Ad Campaign Set Up On request.

LinkedIn Marketing

Profile Creation
Profile Optimization
Company Page Creation
Post Sharing 5 8 10
Relevant Group Joining 1 3 5
Targeted Connections
Linkedin Ad Campaign Set Up On request.

Youtube Marketing

Channel Creation
Channel Optimization
Video Posting
Video Optimization 5 8 10
Thumbnail Creation 1 3 5
Video Tags research and Optimization
Playlist Creation
Comment Moderation
Video Backlinks

Pinterest marketing

Profile Creation
Business Account Creation
Website Verification
PinBoard Creation 3 6 9
Content Creation 3 6 9
Regular Pins Posting 3 6 9
Monthly Visitors Analysis
Follow Relevant Account And Boards
Inviting Relevant Pinners On Board
Sponsored Pins Set Up On request.

Customer Support

Customer Support
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +91-9372-439-660
Skype/Online Support

Social Media Marketing Pricing Plans

Social Media Channels Any 2 Any 4 All

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Starter SMM Packages

Along with this package comes a professional social media manager who will create and optimize all your accounts on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. They’ll also help you build an online presence for yourself to give potential customers access to what they need from the start.

Social Media Marketing is a big part of marketing today. No matter what stage your business has reached, we have the perfect package for you and can help take it to the next level by giving you everything needed to engage with your target audience and build up an active community around your brand!

We’re flexible enough that no matter how small or large-scale our clients are, they’ll always get personal attention from one of our social media specialists who will work on building their customized campaign tailored just for them.

Our low-cost social media marketing packages use an effective strategy to grow your business at a reasonable price. You can get up to 12 regular posts at just $199 per month, also a discount on an annual payment.

Starter SMM packages
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Advanced SMM Packages

Do you want to make your business more profitable without spending too much time or money? If so, check out our social media campaigns that will get people to talk about what you have going on.

We know you’ve got a business to run, but don’t let the competition get ahead of you! Our affordable social media marketing packages help with your social media needs from strategy, posting, engagement, and hashtags.

When it comes to sharing your latest tour or special event or discount, we’ll fill in the gaps so that conversation never stops online. Create more awareness for what your company does and meet more customers who want what you’re offering!

It doesn’t take much to make your small business look big these days! So why not go for it?

With our Advanced SMM packages, you can get up to 20 regular posts at just $399 per month into our Advanced SMM Package. If you make an annual payment, you get up to a 15% discount on our yearly SMM plans.

SMM business image

Premium SMM Packages

In this business world, it’s more important than ever to find a way to stand out from the competition. Our Premium SMM Packages ensure that you have an in-depth understanding of your target market and how they interact with social media on all levels.

We can tailor messages for maximum audience response rates with these powerful insights at our disposal! It doesn’t matter if it’s Facebook ads or Twitter posts. Every message is designed specifically for your target market when you work with us. You’ll see increased engagement rates in just days! And best of all, there’s no risk involved because we guarantee results.

Our Premium Social Media Package is for you to make sure your brand is seen across the ever-growing social media world. We promote your content on different channels by sharing engaging posts and articles that can drive traffic to your website and engage with online communities.

It perfectly fits photography businesses, E-Commerce, Jewellery sites, MNC’s, Event Management Companies, or any Large Businesses. It starts at just $799 per month.

SMM enterprise image

Why choose RK Web Solutions over other Social Media Marketing Agencies?

If you are looking to grow your audience, generate more leads, get potential customers, or increase conversions– RK Web Solutions is here for the help. We assist small businesses with building their brand image and reaching out to new target audiences so that they know what is available in your business product/service offerings.

You don’t have time to spend hours on end trying to figure out how to use Twitter or Facebook effectively – let us do the work for you! With our expertise in social media marketing, digital marketing, and content creation, we will take care of all of your online needs so that you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Whether you’re aiming at growing an audience by gaining additional followers on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram; generating a higher volume of visitors through content marketing campaigns such as website design, web development, SEO, among others; getting more people interested through direct mailings via email newsletters or flyers, etc.; increasing sales conversion rates from prospects who have been previously shown interest but did not convert into buyers yet—RK Web Solutions will be able to provide.

smm packages

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Social Media marketing cost?
The cost of Social Media Marketing services packages starts at $275 per month, which includes full-time service management for three to six social networks and SMM Campaign development to promote your business.

We have unique social media marketing package plans for small, medium, and large brands or businesses. You can take any of it that fits your budget. Our SMM team will help you choose the best plan based on your requirements.

Our Social Media Marketing cost is highly budget-friendly and unique, specially tailored for small businesses. We truly understand your product, services, sales process, competitors, and niche market to effectively promote your brand on the internet.

What type of result can I expect?
We use a social analytics tool to keep track of your brand appearance through which we can find all the important metrics such as conversions, followers, page likes, or engagement.

All these metrics can help your business reach its target audience, increasing sales and profit. We provide you with a monthly performance report to see all the metrics and track the progress.

How will you learn about my business?
First, we will understand your brand or business, and if required, do a meeting with you. Furthermore, we discuss all the requirements related to your business. We do more research and develop an SMM Strategy for your brand to stand out from its competitors.
How much does it cost to advertise on different social networks?
The cost of SMM Services varies depending on which social media channels you choose to market your brand and how much to put for advertisement. Our SMM Plan starts at $275 with the most effective social channels.
Do I have to provide you with Content?
You do not need to provide content. Our Content Marketing teamwill create unique or relevant, and informational content that engages users to spend more time on your website. We post engaging posts with hashtags related to your business which help your brand acquire likes and followers. On request, we can send it for a review before posting it on your social media site. You must provide us with the video for videos to post over Youtube, and we optimize it before posting.