13 Tactics to Grow Instagram Organically

by | Feb 18, 2020 | Social Media

13 Innovative Ways to Learn Instagram Organic Growth

Instagram is the hyped place to increase awareness for your brand, business or generate either one of them.

Recently Instagram App faced some issues which made havoc among many Instagrammers. The issue we are talking about here is Instagram Shadowban. A few months ago, Instagram faced a glitch wherein the followers were detected from their account. The glitch created a malfunction in the usage of Instagram.

Instagram denials the dominant use of pods, which help users gain followers and increase the traffic of their profile. The ban of this domain created confusion among the users and caused distress for not finding other ways to generate followers.

Instead of finding unethical ways to benefit your Instagram growth, we suggest you plan ahead with the organic techniques to obtain followers and traffic for your profile.

We ensure you that through these 13 techniques featured below, the growth of your Instagram account will progress organically.

1. Promote Instagram account:

Even though people might be aware of your Instagram account, not all will have the tendency to actually look up and follow it.

So here’s what you could do.

Share your Instagram account through other social media platforms. Create a story rather than a post and upload it on social media platforms like Facebook. You could also create a post and link up the Instagram account on platforms like Twitter, Pinterest.

You can also insert your Instagram story on your blog post or use it as a pop up on your website.

Try getting creative and innovative by organizing a challenge on Instagram and post about it on Facebook, letting your Facebook audience know about the Instagram account. You can also add your Instagram account in the bio of other social media platforms.

Be professional by adding an Instagram icon in your email and link up the account.


2. Get featured:

Getting featured by accounts is the new strategy of letting the audience know about your profile.

Try being out there and take the initiative to get featured.

The first step to getting benefits from this technique is to find big accounts, make a list of them.

The next step could be to tag them in your post and make them aware of your profile.

There may be an email address mentioned in the bio of the accounts. Try to write them an email complimenting that you like and appreciate their Insta account. Remember to be causal in the email.

If there is a contest or challenge performed by these accounts, try making the best of the given opportunity and participate in those contests or challenges.


3. Consistency:

The key to better performance on Instagram is maintaining consistency with the profile.

Consistency of the profile can be measured by the number of posts you upload on a day/week/month on Instagram. The type of filter or images you post on your profile.

The hashtags you often use in the posts on your profile also speak about your profile.

Ensure that you maintain these elements constantly on your profile.

Try to upload posts based on the elements you prefer on a daily basis. Try maintaining a schedule for posting and sticking towards that timetable.

4. Social Media Calendar:

Obtain a schedule for posting on Instagram, making sure you include the peak hours. Based on the industry, try to figure out the peak hours for postings.

For the schedule, try to formulate it according to days, weeks and months, helping you better in the long run.

Expand your Instagram based on the schedule. Ensure that you don’t overdo your tasks for the day.


5. Engage:

It’s important to know and learn what your audience prefers and the overall activity they follow on Instagram.

Research a bit more on what content they look for on your profile as well as on the app.

Go through your profile and find the posts with more traffic, try creating such posts more often.

Apart from knowing your audience, it’s also quite important to learn the niche in your industry. Keep researching more about the activity the niche performs on their profile.

Try learning something and analyzing it in the content you want to produce next on your profile.

Examine the new inputs you might have created for your profile, analyze it for a week or so. If the audience approves of it and you see a slight change in the traffic, go ahead and use it in the long run.

Being communicative with your audience as individuals can benefit the Instagram growth of your profile. Try replying to the comments on your profile or the big accounts of your industry.

Try to increase the engagement time, especially with your audience. It will pace up the engagement rates for your profile and eventually boost the growth of your Instagram account.

Getting interactive with the audience and the niche can be quite beneficial for reviews, being featured and improving the growth of your profile.

6. Contest and Promotion:

The effective way to attract traffic is by organizing contests or giveaways. Giveaways could be quite an innovative way of showing gratitude to your ideal audience.

Conducting contests can be a fun way of sending gifts to your audience. By organizing a small contest once in a while, your audience will try participating more. The more you engage your audience in the contest, the more your profile will generate traffic and the followers will increase.

Another way of organizing contests and giveaways is by partnering with niche accounts of your industry. Request these accounts to let you promote with their help by offering one of your products for their contests or giveaways.

By winning the contest or giveaways, the audience will know about your account, leading to a rise in growth for your Instagram profile.


7. Collab with Social Influencers:

One of the trendy ways to organically promote your profile on Instagram is through the help of “influencers” on Instagram.

The posts uploaded by influencers have a strong strategy of gaining likes and comments on their profiles. Try leaving a comment on one of their posts, leading to being recognized by them.

Find accounts that have similar kinds of target audiences like yours. Try to partner with these accounts and collaborate for a post on Instagram. Search for accounts of small business, it will be pretty easy for collaboration.

Tie up a deal with influencers for collaboration, wherein once you give a shoutout to them and the second time, it’s their turn to do the same.

Collabs can be a great way of getting new likes and followers for your profile.

8. Business Account:

While creating an account for any professional work, always remember to create a business account.

Having a business account for your profile will suggest the audience to trust and value your work.

Business accounts on Instagram help you analyze the performance of the posts on your profile on a daily basis.

When creating a bio for the business account, use proficient language, be professional. Post images and stories related to work.


9. Tagging and Location:

Another trendy thing on Instagram to gain the attention of the audience is by tagging influencers on your posts.

Tagging influencers in your posts can attract a niche audience and increase your visibility on Instagram.

To upgrade the game of gaining attraction, try adding the location feature to your post. Let the audience know where you’ve been and where your work is heading towards.

Adding a location to the posts could also act as a conversation starter in the comment section. This can easily lead to a growth of the post and an increase in followers.


10. Relevant Hashtags:

Hashtags in a way convey the ideas in short precise words.

Using hashtags can be great for attracting an audience globally in a short span of time.

Focus on using hashtags that speak about your post and work. Don’t use hashtags that vary away from what you’re posting. Try using a definite amount of hashtags.

Generate hashtags that are trending, adding those hashtags in a post can increase growth for your profile.


11. Instagram New Features:

Every now and then Instagram adds features that get trendy in a week or so.

Users often apply new features for Instagram stories. Adding new features can create a good impression on the audience.

New features always generate a hype amongst the audience, leading to growth for your profile.

Make use of all the features that Instagram keeps updating. Try not overusing the features in order to gain the attention of the audience.


12. Attractive Captions:

Apart from images and videos, the audience is often attracted to captions.

Captions could be a description of the post or something abstract which goes along with the post.

Create captions that are short and precise. Avoid using long words and high vocabulary.

Before uploading any post with the caption, analyze what your audience likes and dislikes, generate innovative captions that go along with their choices.

Depending on the post, the caption can change. If the post is about travel, try having a description of the place and its culture. You can also add a fun fact about the place, let the audience have a smile while seeing the post.

Remember that the caption you add to the post should not vary with what you’re posting. Be creative and trendy with the captions you apply to the posts.


13. Call to Action:

At times audiences are unaware of the objective of the post that people generally post.

Whenever you upload something on Instagram, be clear about what you’re expecting from the audience.

If you’re uploading a post for your new product, try adding a link in the post. Make sure the audience gets access to the link.

If you’re collapsing with some influencer, try tagging them in the post or link their account in your post. Make sure that the audience gets the idea of you to collaborate with someone.

Be particular and on safeguard with what your post calls for when uploading on Instagram.


Instagram is a great media to explore and learn the best about your audience.

Be creative and productive with the posts that you generate on Instagram.

These above-mentioned techniques will organically help you gain growth and lead to an increase in followers.

In the end, be professional with the content you produce on your profile and create work that is original.

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