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Get More Audience, Engagement, and Increase your Brand Awareness with our Facebook Marketing Services.

Making brands successful with our FB Marketing Services

In a world where the conversation of brands with their potential clients has become a must. It’s necessary to have a Facebook Marketing Company that develops a good image in the market.

That is consistent with what your brand offers, and whose voices and style are the representation of your core values. At the same time know how to connect with the FB online audiences.

Facebook Marketing has become one of the main social channels between people and brands. Thus, existence on Facebook and having a successful FB Page is both a necessity and a challenge.

We at RK Web Solutions, offer a Facebook Management Services that take care of improving your brands’ recognition. We help you grow more audience, in turn, could become potential followers.

Starting from Marketing Strategy to its execution; and from Ads Setup to Campaign tracking, our Facebook Marketing experts do it all.

Our Facebook Page Management Services cover all areas and stages of creating and building a brand: Rebranding, Naming, Positioning, Digital Branding, and Social Media Marketing Management.

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Online Branding

At RK Web, we take care of creating, improving, and managing your brand through the implementation of Facebook Marketing Strategy. We focus on specific projects and develop comprehensive branding programs from scratch.

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Brand Awareness

Getting customers is vital, but telling the world what your brand is, what you do is just as important. When you reach thousands of people, you may not convert them into a potential follower, but you can gradually generate references and loyalty.

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Drive Sales & Traffic

Traffic helps your site to improve the positioning in Google among so much competition, the same goes for Facebook pages. FB Page good positioning can help more people find your brand, and get more audiences for your business.

Facebook Marketing Strategy for Brands & Businesses

Our Facebook Management Specialists develop an effective Facebook Marketing Strategy that can get your brand more likes, shares and engagement.

We are committed to taking into consideration the interests of the community that could gain you more followers at the least possible investment.

In addition to increasing the reach of your FB page posts, we also make sure that the posts get more engagement and organic likes & shares.

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Our Specialized Services

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Facebook Campaign Management

Facebook Marketing Campaign can be created by many, but effective Facebook Management Campaign with successful results can only be created by experts like us.

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Facebook Content Creation

The visual is key to success for Facebook Marketing. We create attractive content with amazing copyrighting, designed to get the attention of your audience and go viral.

Facebook Ads Management

We develop Facebook Ads Strategy that generates effective results for your Ads, with real metrics, good ROI, and with targeting the right audiences that generate more leads.

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Facebook Promotion

We promote posts with high impact and reactions in your community. Our target is to get more leads through the FB Ad and reach the right audience. We research & deliver the best.

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Reach & Engagement

Reach and Engagement is the most important part, and with Facebook Marketing, it is more. We take care of getting more engagement and loyalty in your community.

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Facebook Page & Group

Managing communities is the most challenging and vital part for Facebook Experts because it’s here that you transform your content into sales and get loyal customers.

Why is Facebook Marketing important for your brand?

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the World. It is one of the most effective channels for marketing brands because:


FB Grows More Audience: More than 40 million pages of companies (brands) converge on Facebook, so the main reason for using Facebook Advertising Services is because if you don't do it, your competition probably does.


Reach Targeted Audience: You can create unique content and reach more users with interests that match what you offer. You can do this with Facebook Organic Marketing or Facebook Paid Advertising (whichever is affordable).


Monitor The Performance: With the Facebook Page Insights, you can get detailed statistics. This tool, or insight could be for more optimal management of your Followers. In addition to it, it helps to professionally handle the audiences.


Attract People with Common Interest: Growing your Facebook Page with FB Marketing can be a bit challenging, but its algorithm allows people with common interests, or similar to your brand to find your Page in an easier and faster way.

Why choose RK Web’s Facebook Marketing Services?

Creative: We are a team of Facebook Management experts with vast experience in the area of ​​marketing and management. We love innovation, and we are full of new ideas that will make your brand the pioneer of your niche.

Punctual: We take each of our clients very seriously, regardless of whether they are small or big. Each business is essential. And therefore, each plan, strategy, and campaign adapt to the times of each of our clientele.

Love to Work: It makes us happy to see our clients grow. We enjoy devising Marketing Strategy, and we like to communicate at every step, so that the result is what the client expects, making the process participatory.

We are responsible: We have got excellent references and happy customers because we know how to address their needs from the start, and we know how to accompany them all the way to grow their brand.

Committed: We are committed to taking into consideration the interests of the community that make you gain followers with a higher possibility of buying your product or service at the least possible cost.

Facebook Marketing Packages




This starter pack perfectly suits startups or small businesses.




Advance marketing solutions for Small & Medium sized Enterprises.




For Companies/Large Enterprises to Dominate a competitive industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook Marketing is a process of creating and actively using a Facebook Page as a main communication channel for gaining new customers and building a constant relationship.

Facebook allows businesses to market their products and services to the targeted customers. Facebook Marketing Agency can help your business to drive instant traffic to your Website.

Over FB page, you can post engaging posts and promote it to the targeted audience. With the help of FB Marketing Services, you can get more leads, conversions, and generate sales.

What are the different ways to Advertise on Facebook?

Facebook Marketing is one of the most effective techniques to reach potential customers and increase brand awareness for business.

There are multiple ways to advertise your product or services on Facebook some of them are listed below:

Page Post Engagement Ads:

To set up engagement ads simply opt for the “Engagement” for marketing purposes. Engagement is included as post clicks, likes, comments, share, and offer claims.

Facebook Carousel Ads:

A carousel ad allows you to display up to ten images or videos with a single FB ad and each image or video can have its link and headline. They’re effective on both desktop and mobile.

Facebook Video Ads:

Video ads allow you to advertise a video. Video ads are more powerful than standard ads because they allow you to share more information about your brand or business.

Facebook Page Likes Ads:

Facebook Page Likes Ads is a paid advertising campaign which aims to increase the number of likes for a Facebook Page.

Why Advertise on Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most successful social media platforms that help businesses to reach their target customer and build brand loyalty in the market.

Facebook advertising company helps businesses to gain more website traffic, customer engagement, and build brand recognition in the market.

Facebook advertising is real-time. You can understand your ad campaign to see how it works and if your ad does not provide you the relevant result, you can amend the campaign quickly.

You can get more audiences by testing new demographics such as their gender, age, and location, etc. Facebook provides you chances to experience a higher and faster ROI.

How will I know if Facebook Marketing is giving me the suitable results?

Setting up the Facebook Advertising Campaign is easy but analyzing the data and knowing how your ad campaign performs is tough.

You can regularly observe the reactions of your audience and messages, analyzing the Facebook Insights tools. Also, you can use some of the best tools to track your social report.

It will also help you understand your Facebook Audience so you can better target ads and create more engaging content.

How much does it cost for Facebook Advertising?

On average, our fees for Facebook marketing fee ranges between $100 to $300 per month. The cost may vary depending upon your requirements.

In most cases, Facebook Management Services include post creation, ad development, ad optimization, group activities, and Analysis & Reporting.