Content Marketing Packages & Pricing Plan India

Content Curation, Creation, and Marketing Strategy that drives Traffic and improve Conversions.

Best Content Marketing Packages That Takes Your Business to the Next Level

RK Web Solutions’ team of professionals provides you the best Content strategy that will help your business to grow faster.

We have an in-house team of professionals that helps you to reach your Content Marketing goals.

We understand that each business has unique requirements; therefore, we have tailored our Content Marketing Packages so that they can fit your needs.

Our team will first understand your business; After complete understanding, we will draft a marketing plan accordingly.

Here at RK Web Solutions, we use established methods and strategies which are already working for our clients.

Choose the best package that is ideal for your business.

RK Web Solutions’ Content Marketing Packages Plans

Content Marketing Packages Starter Business Enterprise
Articles/Blog Writing 5 7 10
Articles/Blog Length 500 words each 800 words each 1000 words each
Infographics 1 2 3
Social Media Posts (custom for each channel) 5 7 10
Quora Posts 3 4 5
Reddit Posts 1 2 3
Keyword Rich Text Contents right tick icon right tick icon right tick icon
Articles/Blog Posting right tick icon right tick icon right tick icon
Social Media Posting right tick icon right tick icon right tick icon
Quora Answers right tick icon right tick icon right tick icon
Reddit Posting right tick icon right tick icon right tick icon
Reporting Monthly Monthly Monthly
Pricing/Month $220 $350 $525
5 to 15% discount for yearly payment $210 $315 $450

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How much does SEO Cost in 2020?

SEO Pricing: On average, the cost of SEO services in 2020 ranges between 200$ to 600$ per month for up to 10 to 50 keywords. For one project, it may cost between $2000 to $7000 a year.

How is SEO pricing determined in 2020?

The cost of SEO depends on the variety of factors. These factors include the past performance of work, experience of the SEO professional team, and the agency which you choose.

The SEO pricing highly depends on the size of your business. If your business is small, then you can go with the starter SEO plan.

But if you have a big business and your SEO requirements are more, then you could get a custom SEO quote from our professionals.

What to look for when researching the cost of SEO?

Selecting an SEO company is a big task for every marketer because there are so many agencies who claim that they provide the best SEO services at an affordable cost.

First of all, you should list out all your requirements and determine the goal which you want to achieve through this SEO campaign.

Then, you should list out the SEO agencies based on their past performance for their existing clients.

By reviewing past performance, you will get to know that the agency you select is using SEO strategies & techniques that work. Then you should look for who fits in your budget and requirement.

Here at RK Web Solutions, we provide the best and result-driven SEO services that are incredibly affordable for any size of businesses.

Why should you invest in SEO packages?

In today’s digital world SEO has become extremely important for any business to stand out with its competitors in the market.

SEO Services can help your business website to rank organically on top of the google search result pages which will help to drive more traffic and customers for your business

SEO Services can improve your website search visibility and provide the relevant content that engages a user to stay on your website, which increases the percentage of conversions.

Investing in SEO packages can give you long-term benefits and business growth at extremely low-cost compared to paid marketing.

How do I choose the best SEO package?

Choosing the best SEO package can be tricky and requires more time to research. Every business needs SEO, but how can you determine how much you should pay for your SEO requirements.

SEO pricing mostly depends on the size of the website and the competition in the market. Which also involves work methodologies and strategies that they implement to enhance the visibility of your brand in the search engines.

Therefore, we have tailored our SEO plans in different categories so that it can be easy for you to determine which package will be best for you.

Check out our SEO packages, see what fits in your requirement. If you are still confused, do not hesitate to contact us. Our SEO consultants will understand your needs to give you a free quotation.

How will I know if the SEO campaign is making any progress?

We give you a Monthly SEO Report in which we include all the activities like that we have performed to improve your search visibility.

Our reports will also include website keywords positions in search engines, organic traffic progress, and link building reports.

We also provide you with a detailed Google Analytics report where you can see all metrics like the number of unique visitors that come to your website, bounce rate and conversion rate.

These reports are easy to understand and can help you to analyze the performance of the SEO strategies we implemented for your website.