Best SEO Company in India in 2021

by | Jan 29, 2021 | SEO

Top 10 SEO Company in India

RK Web Solutions, a leading SEO company in India, did this research to find you the best SEO company in India.

Before we proceed, let’s ask this question, ‘Why do you need the best SEO company in India?’

The SEO Company can help to grow your business by ranking your business keywords higher in Search Engines. It can increase your business products or services sales and revenue, and brings profit to your business.

List of the best SEO companies in India

  1. PageTraffic
  2. RankingBySEO
  3. SEO Discovery
  4. ESearchLogix
  5. EZRankings
  6. TechMagnate
  7. SEOTonic
  8. RankDeckSEO
  9. RK Web Solutions
  10. RAJKAR

The above Top Ten SEO Agencies can understand the exact needs of your business, the audiences, which further targets your niche audiences and helps your business to flourish.

Why should you choose the best SEO company in India?

Want to make your business a success? Willing to achieve the online presence others have been longing for? You must have come across the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO proves to be effective for your business website. It is regarded as the most powerful online tool to expand your market and communicate with your audience.

The world has been evolving, and the land has become competitive in every sector you step your foot. To unleash your optimal potential and get tractions leading to sales, SEO is the best approach.

By hiring the best SEO company in India, you get guaranteed skills and professionalism at work for your website. SEO aids to bring traffic that constitutes your target audience, leading to more conversions and growth.

Specialists at work results in good results for campaigns, marketing, and content advertisements. It sounds tricky, but SEO Companies know the niche crowd and targets them specifically by strategic SEO implementation.

Hiring a professional and best SEO company supports your idea and provides outstanding returns.

List of Top 10 SEO Agency in India

1. PageTraffic (

Page Traffic, founded in 2002, has been empowering businesses by increasing their online presence. They have been awarded as the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi. Page Traffic focuses on generating the ROI made by the businesses via their digital marketing tactics.

Page Traffic values clients over everything and beliefs in providing the right value to them. They are experts in creating campaigns that deliver outstanding results in favor of businesses. It is known for being the best SEO strategist with competitive market prices. It has clients within India and also operates overseas.

Page Traffic, a professional SEO service provider, has been maintaining its supreme quality and standards. They have successfully gained the market trust and proved reliable with their experience and expertise.

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2. RankingBySEO (

Ranking By SEO (a.k.a. Ethane Web Technologies) was founded in 2008 is an ISO certified company and is an Award-Winning SEO Company in India. It is dominant in two counties in India and the United States. At the start of 2008, they only had SEO services as their priority. However, they have now progressed in being a leading digital marketing company.

Ranking By SEO is backed by a large team of 120+ professionals and has been dominant in the SEO industry for about 12 years. It has then served 5000+ industries domestically as well internationally.

Ranking By SEO believes in catering to the clients with the best digital marketing and SEO services irrespective of their size and capital infused in services. They focus on revenue generation and profit of their clients through their services.

3. SEO Discovery (

SEO Discovery has global leadership in next-generation digital marketing and has projects under its sleeve. The services and consulting are carried out by industry experts updated with the latest technologies.

Their SEO services are based on Artificial Intelligence and have been ranked as TOP SEO Agency India on Google Search Engine. They focus on cost-effective and robust result-driven SEO incorporation to build brands from businesses.

SEO Discovery believes in understanding the connection between the content and clients’ business. It has about 12+ years of experience and is spread globally with a high success rate and customer retention. The in-house team is experienced and has the power of 400+ minds running on projects, thereby making it a success.

4. ESearchLogix (

eSearch Logix is based in India, which uses the ‘Cohesive, Collaborative, Result-Driven’ approach. They have a lineup of SEO services that strengthen your business’s competitive nature and increase its popularity.

ESearch Logix’s focus stays on ranking, revenues, and providing affordable SEO services, which even small businesses can enjoy with marketing.

eSearch Logix believes in the strict following of SEO guidelines and White Hat SEO service providing. Their team takes care of the online branding is made result-driven, and SEO content creation is followed organically.

They believe in a strategic application and portraying the best design approach, which helps your results be more relevant with the latest technology system that proves more revenue traction.

5. EZRankings (

EZ Rankings has always been a client-oriented and creative digital market agency. They have succeeded at aiming SEO expertise to their business clients and boosting their sales effectively. They target the growth curve and give the client business an edge over the competitors.

EZ Rankings prove reliable and relevant with target keyword incorporation on the website. The high-quality content is creative and innovative enough to attract customers within your target audience reach. The company focuses on bridging the gap between your ideation and intent, leading to your website’s creation.

EZ Rankings believe in delivering the best in quality and strengthens your website with knowledge content and links.

6. TechMagnate (

TechMagnate, founded in 2006, has been working over a broad spectrum of industries and provided services. They have been catering to both domestic and international clients with market understanding as their prime strategy. They focused on SEO services at the start but now have taken over the industry of digital marketing.

Businesses and SEO go hand-in-hand, while a healthy workforce and team support give market growth. The company provides you productive, flexible services at competitive market rates and excellent ROI results (return on investment).

They have served hundreds of clients and industry by niche to businesses. Their industry capture is all over India and is regarded as a leading Digital Marketing Agency with SEO expertise.

7. SEOTonic (

SEOTonic is based in Central India, but all over these years of service have gained clients from different corners of the world. They have a unique approach while dealing with clients and dedicating their workforce towards building your online presence. It is the most trusted and best SEO marketing company providing the best cost-effective services.

SEOTonic is a leading digital agency for businesses and is trusted worldwide. SEO services provided by SEOTonic is different from the typical approach that any SEO agency takes. They take the path of commitment and get a result-driven SEO service that profits your company.

8. RankDeckSEO (

RankDeck SEO is one of India’s leading SEO companies and has a powerful base setup to provide SEO services. The services provided by them are affordable even by small companies, and they aim to target small businesses and help them reach top search engine rankings. They implement White Hat technologies for SEO and help businesses achieve their goals.

It is well known for its top ranking SEO service and digital marketing services with SEO, PPC, and other services. They have a team of experts and professionals that have experience in SEO marketing.

The algorithmic changes are adapted, and clients’ strategies are measured upon them. Updates and alterations are consequences of such analysis and help clients gain the best search rankings on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

9. RK Web Solutions (

RK Web Solutions has been in the industry of SEO services since 2010. It has catered to many sectors and has developed expertise over these 10+ years of experience. This is the foremost company existing in India at the initial stages of SEO marketing services. They have a belief in providing the highest quality services and prove reliable to the client.

RK Web Solutions focuses on sincerity and experience, which helps clients achieve their goals and milestones. It also powers the solutions and helps with online visibility. They are trusted over a wide range of services and have well-trained professionals advancing client businesses.

10. RAJKAR (

RAJKAR is an SEO Services & Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai, India, founded in 2013. It provides digital marketing solutions. It’s core services are ECommerce SEO Services, B2B SEO Services, and Social Media Services.

These fit in best with small businesses, startups, and MNCs, who want to build their presence over the internet. They have 10+ years of experienced professionals and work strategically towards building your business and generating more sales.

RAJKAR has the expertise and is reliable for SEO, Digital Marketing, and Social Media Marketing Services. They are market specialists and have the upper hand in making a business grow with the power of the internet.

Do you need to hire an SEO Agency for your Business?

Yes, the SEO Agency creates strategies and implements tactics with the latest industry knowledge, which pumps up your business. Having the right links and the targeting appropriate keywords improves your websites SEO. Thereby improving your search rankings, boosts traffic, and helps with engaging more customers to your Business.

Through a professional SEO Agency, businesses can target their niche audience and get more leads. You must have the upper hand with the competitors, and an SEO agency provides you with the critical analysis. Your business can adapt to ongoing methods dominant in the market and build strategies to work at the optimal level.

Should you consider Quality, Quantity, or Pricing?

SEO has evolved over these years, and the parameters to measure it also have been substantially changing. The keywords play, backlink building, and content optimization are all part of SEO incorporated in business websites. When it comes to actual consideration of finding a market for an SEO agency, quality, quantity, and pricing come into act.


Quality is time-consuming, yet it proves worth it. The building of a quality website comes with the expertise content that compliments and consumes a lot of time. If the content takes less time, it is often of low quality and has poor keywords that won’t help your website grow.


Quantity for SEO is about content that is sharp and with no fluff or fillers. Your content must not be a general or copied reference. Good content comes with high-quality keyword tracking and inducing necessary words that lead to optimization, thereby complementing your business ranking on your target audience’s SERPs.


It is typical when the cost is considered. Great SEO content and optimization of search engines demand a specific price that must be considered. You must know the reliability, experience, and testimonials before investing as there can be top-notch companies that provide affordable SEO packages, whereas irrelevant agencies charge more.

You must consider all the parameters and compare them accordingly. The quality, quantity, and pricing must be individually taken for SEO optimization.

Get Found over Search Engines, Instead Finding for Customers

You must not take the pain to approach the clients and look for people over the internet. Let your target audience find you over Search Engines and get in touch with you. This results in a positive impact on your company and leads you to increase clients’ conversion.

Marketing strategy and SEO optimization play a significant role as they target your audience and highlight your product. The search popup gives you an upper hand and gets people interested in your company. High-quality content and SEO accelerate your business and generate ROI.

Getting found is always beneficial as you can reach a larger audience whereas only reaching a limited number of the target audiences while manually reaching out.

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