10 Simple SEO Tricks To Reach In Top Of Search Engines Listings

by | Mar 4, 2020 | SEO

Tricks To Get High Amount Of Traffic Doing SEO

Do You Own A Website And Have Zero Traffic? What should be your next step? How You Can Reach Your Audiences? Yes, these are questions you might be wondering. So I’ll bring 10 simple tricks to get a huge amount of traffic through your own Website. But, How can it be possible? You are having “No Traffic” or say very less traffic to your Website.

Search Engine Optimization Checklist

You should optimize your Website for your Audiences and Search Engines & here are the 10 simple tricks to optimize your Website so to reach in the top of Search Engines Results Pages (SERP).

10. Simple Tricks To Reach In Top Of Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other Search Engines Listings

1 Website Title

Check for your Website Title, choose the best Keywords as per your Webpage content & summarize the entire post/webpage in 7 to 10 Words (maximum 60 characters)

2Meta description

Write Meta Description for your Webpage/Blog Post summarizing your Website Blog Post/Webpage which should not be more than 160 characters.


Write Heading under H1 Tag describing the Webpage Product or your Service or about the Blog Post in not more than 10 to 12 Words.

4Sub Heading

Write a unique content more than 1500 Words with an appropriate Sub-Headings under H2 to H6 Tags for a Blog Post, If you have a unique product/service may be 300+ Words content is enough for your Webpage to reach in Top of Search Engines listing.

5Content Optimization

Make short sentences, users find it boring to read long paragraphs. You may use Bullets list, it’s very easier way to describe your Product/Service or even when you own a Blog through which you can encourage users to read the post in points.

6Text Formating

Use Bold, Italic and Underlined texts, wherever necessary to highlight & stand out from the other contents on the page.

7 Alt Tags

Add Images and provide Image Alt Tag, i.e. alt attribute under the img tag, so make the image informative for Search Engines to understand.

8Internal Linking

Do Internal Linking with other related webpages/blog posts, so users can read more on the specific topics/product/service.

9Anchor Text Optimization

While linking other pages, you may choose specific phrases which in SEO terms is known as Keyphrases or more commonly known as “Keywords“, i.e., you are doing Anchor Text Optimization.


Use Sitemaps (in both forms HTML/Dynamic & XML form which contains list of links) & submit your Website URLs (links) in Search Engines Webmaster Tools to index your Webpages.

I hope these simple tricks helps your Website to gain good positions in Search Engines Listings. Will post more on all the points with other posts and link it through this post for in-depth information.

Will appreciate if you provide feedback through your comments.

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